2015.08.30 Palm Springs

Celebrating the big three-three in Palm Springs this week. The desert sky always looks so pretty without the haze of pollution I’m used to in the OC. However I may have over-edited this one. But guess what? At 33, I’m too old to care.

Caramel Apple Oreos

You know the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions?” Yeah, so is the road to really bad photos. Despite carrying my camera around with me, this was the only picture I took this week. And I snapped it with my cell phone. A couple of friends and I started sending each other pictures of the different varieties of Oreos we find. We’re convinced Mr. Oreo is trying to sabotage all of our diets. But they can only be sabotaged if we buy them, right?

Boat Canyon 2015.08.15

I started hiking back in April. Since then, I’ve made it a habit to go 2-3 times each week, however I am by no means an expert (just to set the record straight). A couple weeks ago, a friend and I decided to try this 8-mile “strenuous” hike in Laguna Beach. But then one of us got tired (her) and one of us was unable to finish (her) and, 5 miles into the 8 mile hike, one of us had to call an Uber (her) and, ever since then, one of us has been dying to go back and finish the damn thing (me). I finished it at 10:36 on Saturday morning. And it kicked my ass. (The 120 degree heat certainly didn’t help.) (My phone tried to tell me it was only 79 degrees, but I call huge, stinky bullshit.) This gate marking where the trail started and ended was a most welcome sight.

Huntington Beach 2015.08.07

The water in HB was clear and so pretty this past weekend. And 75 degrees! Now if only someone was ready for bathing suit season…

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