I just can’t keep writing “about me” pages. So, here.

About Me, 2008: This is me. My very first “about me” post. (In which I gave smizing my best effort.)

About Me, 2011: The “about me” post (It’s pretty self-explanatory.)

About Me, 2012: About (Written in the midst of a divorce while living in a doorless semi-room in my parent’s home.)

About Me, 2013: About Me. Five years in the making. My very first “about me” post… five years later.

It’s all pretty much the same: I eat too much chocolate, read too many books, spend too much on Starbucks and generally have no idea what I’m doing. New since 2008: more anxiety, a penchant for complicated Excel spreadsheets, and God. Cuz one of us has to be in control here and it sure as shit ain’t me.